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Employment raises a number of potentially complex and intricate issues, making employment issues both time-consuming and also expensive to resolve.

Employment disputes can occur as a result of various situations, ranging from breach of a contract of employment on the part of either the employer or employee, unfair and wrongful dismissal, harassment at the workplace, discrimination etc.

Furthermore, employers must ensure that they adhere to public policy regulations like maternity leave and diversity, meaning that your business structure must take into account such policy considerations and adhere to them.
Our legal team can assist you with all aspects of employment law, like the following:


Employment Contracts

Our team of experts can advise you with respect to contracts of employment; our lawyers can either draft or review employment contracts and advise you in relation to your rights and obligations.

Whether an employer or employee, we ensure that your contract of employment satisfies all legal and regulatory requirements in the relevant field, minimises your exposure to risk, and upholds your rights.


Handling Disputes through Litigation

Employment disputes often result in court proceedings, meaning that an experienced barrister is required for representation purposes.

Our lawyers have a long history of successful Court cases covering a range of Employment Law issues, and possess the expert knowledge to successfully handle any Court case you may be facing.


Handling Disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Because of the complexities involved in Employment Law and the notoriously prolonged periods of time litigation takes in Cyprus, parties to an Employment Law dispute often seek to settle the dispute in a swift manner.

Our lawyers will advise you with respect to proceeding on an ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ basis, in order to resolve matters as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We will represent you during the relevant negotiations and seek an outcome that satisfies both parties.


The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), abbreviated to, and widely known as, the GDPR, was adopted by, and within the European Union (EU), with the aim of strengthening and unifying data protection for all individuals across the EU.
The GDPR is the biggest and most sweeping move in data and privacy measures of the past few decades, meaning that companies must completely reconfigure their way of doing business so as to bring themselves in compliance with the Data Protection and Privacy Scheme.

Companies are now required to put in place processes and mechanisms concerned with the collection, storage, security, and disclosure of data and information in compliance with their obligations under the GDPR.

Furthermore, because of the increased threat of cyber-attacks, attention is also focused on the prevention of such attacks as they pose a risk to privacy rights.

Our GDPR services are provided on an inter-disciplinary basis, with the cooperation of various departments within the firm like our corporate law department, IT, and privacy law specialists.

Our services include the following:

  • Staff training
  • Providing ‘Data Protection Officer’ services
  • Carrying out Data Protection impact assessment
  • Provision of legal advice on the transfer of data to non-EU countries
  • Drafting documents in relation Data Use and Disclosures, Corporate Rules etc.,
  • Representation on data protection matters before Courts or the Data Protection Commissioner
  • Liaising with relevant authorities, like Data Protection commissioner, on behalf of our clients
  • Monitor developments in the GDPR regime and update company operations for purposes of continuous compliance
  • Assessing your company’s data protection procedures, identifying gaps and shortcomings, and establishing effective processes, controls, and governance structures

Cyprus’s friendly commercial corporate infrastructure, characterised by its friendly tax regime and its geographical location make it the ideal setting for Non-EU businesses to enter the European market, and also the ideal basis for EU companies to broaden their scope of business operations.

Our Firm’s Corporate and Commercial Department is highly experienced in dealing with a variety of highly complex commercial and corporate projects and transactions.

Our Corporate and Commercial department has a long record of assisting clients with their Corporate and Commercial transactions, whether on an international or local basis and seeks to deliver the highest of quality services to our clients.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services include the following:

  • Insolvency
  • Redomiciliation
  • Office registration
  • Nominee services
  • Investment firms law
  • Intellectual property
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Governance and compliance
  • Structuring and restructuring
  • Formation of trusts and trust deeds
  • Agreements and articles of association
  • Formation of joint ventures and partnerships
  • Registration and incorporation of companies
  • Corporate management and administration including offshore jurisdictions


Commercial Services

Our Commercial Services include the following:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Commercial/residential lease agreements
  • Promissory notes and security agreements
  • Sale of goods and distributions agreements
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing private commercial agreements
  • Licensing, franchising, intellectual property agreements
  • Purchase/sale of business, assets and stock agreements
  • Purchase/sale, construction, and other conveyancing agreements


Download our corporation form to present the company’s structure and send it to us to proceed with all the necessary procedures forming your company



Banking and finance transactions are an integral and unavoidable aspect of modern life, for both individuals, as well as businesses. A company’s banking and finance obligations are complex, time-consuming, and potentially ‘dangerous’, meaning that obtaining the best legal knowledge and support for your company’s specific needs is of utmost importance.

Our firm has a specialised Banking and Finance Department to assist you with almost all aspects of your banking needs, in order to make the running of your business as swift and seamless as possible. Our expert lawyers are also fully apt to assist you with your financial dealings, whether these regard debt, loan, investments, and other financial matters that businesses may be involved in.



Our Firm has a long record of dealings with banks and financial institutions both in Cyprus, as well as internationally.

Our list of contacts and interfaces includes financial institutions in both Cyprus and abroad. Some of our closest associates are in countries like Switzerland, Singapore, Andorra, SA, and Hong Kong. Evidently, we can assist you with Banking operations both locally as well as abroad.

Our banking team can assist you in the following ways:

  • Handling bank correspondence
  • Liaison with bank officers when required
  • Account maintenance, and on-going account monitoring
  • Assisted banking (i.e. paying invoices and facilitating payments on your behalf)
  • Opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, cheque books, and establishing e-banking
  • Crypto friendly banking solutions and bank account opening for cryptocurrencies activities
  • Assisting compliance with the legal due diligence process, and the preparation of the economic profile of the beneficiaries and/or the corporate officers for the activation of the bank account

We can help you with the payment of invoices on your behalf and offer other payment facilitation services including:

  • Liaison and other communication with banks when required
  • Account maintenance and continuous monitoring of accounts

For our Payroll Services click here:



Companies, whether Small-Medium enterprises or conglomerates are involved in countless financing projects, making the need for specialised, in-depth advice on managing and dealing with business finance integral for the viability and legality of your business and transactions.

Our Finance team can assist you with the following:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Restructuring of loans
  • Indemnities and guarantees
  • Due diligence and compliance
  • Draft and Review of loan documents
  • Security documents like debentures, the imposition of charges over assets, floating charges and other securities

The financial services sector, covering foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets, as well as Information Technology (IT), are gaining rapid popularity worldwide, and in Cyprus.

In fact, Cyprus is home to one of the largest numbers of Fintech businesses in Europe, making Cyprus recognized as a specialist centre for foreign exchange services.

The main types of Fintech or electronic money institutions take the form of platform providers, RegTech companies, investment firms, prime brokerages and others.

Although the Fintech sector has largely gone unregulated, due to its widespread popularity, governments and other stakeholders worldwide are now seeking to regulate the industry.

The Fintech Sector

Our firm has a dedicated department which focuses specifically on the provision of legal services relating to the information technology industry, making us pioneers in the legal services industry.

Our dedicated team of lawyers specialise in financial technology and the legal issues arising in the specific sector, and possess the expertise you need to establish and grow your business in Cyprus.

More specifically, our expert team focuses on business models which involve innovation and innovative technology, startups, blockchain, cryptocurrencies etc.

We also handle venture capital funds or AIFs which seek to enter the innovation field.

In an ever, and constantly, changing regulatory environment, our teams of experts can help you with the following:

  • Legal review and structuring of coin and token offerings (ICOs, IEOs, STOs)
  • Regulatory compliance consulting for financial technology (FinTech) businesses
  • Legal advice and regulatory compliance advice and support in relation to Cryptocurrency projects
  • Legal support on modern finance and tech-related projects (e-wallets and peer-to-peer- P2P lending)
  • Accounting and taxation services in the financial services and Fintech fields, with a specific focus on cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Business planning and strategy formulation for companies, whether startups or not, seeking to enter and invest in the Blockchain and AI market

Fintech activity and types of fintech business

Fintech activity in Cyprus has increased considerably in the past five years.

  • This increase has been even more notable in the past two to three years, with the establishment of new fintech businesses by:
    Start-ups and SMEs
  • Large well-established financial services companies and organisations which innovate and develop fintech products and services.

Further, a number of information and communication technology companies from the United States, Europe, Russia and Australia now run their regional headquarters from Cyprus and service clients globally.
For example, TransferWire recently included Cyprus in a list of eight emerging global technology hubs.


Companies face a number of accounting tasks on a daily basis, ranging from bookkeeping and payrolls, to calculation and payment of VAT and other taxes, making accounting one of the most time-consuming and burdensome operations within a business. However, propert accounting operations are pivotal to the smooth running and legality of any business, and thus cannot be side-stepped or be afforded lesser weight of importance by a company’s management.

We cooperate with a number of renowned accounting firms, as well as individual accountants who are able to provide our clients with diverse and tailor-made accounting services, taking into account the specific sector and industry within which our clients operate, and provide advice and solutions based on the specific needs of each individual client.

Our associates are at your disposal, and always willing and able to assist you, whether your company is a holding company or an international trade company, or whether you work as an individuals/self-employed.
Apart from accounting services, our associates can also assist you in a ‘Consultancy’ manner, by helping you identify, analyse and interpret your company’s financial statements for purposes of taking the correct strategic business decisions.

Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is an island rich in history and culture, as well as natural beauty. This, along with the fact that Cyprus has a large international community…

The services provided by our associates include the following:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Management accounting
  • VAT advice, registration, payments, and returns
  • Other tax services based on the sector of business within which you operate
  • Preparation and filing of financial statements and accounts to the Companies House

Apart from accounting and auditing services, many businesses and companies choose to outsource their payroll tasks. Our firm can assist you with your Payroll tasks in the following manner:

  • Maintenance of payment records
  • Company and employee registration
  • Issuing of payments to employees and other relevant personnel
  • Liaising with relevant authorities like the Labour office, the Social Insurance department, Income Tax authorities etc.,
  • garding payroll issues
  • Legal advice and assistance in employment law and workplace matters including drafting contracts of employment, dispute resolution, work visas etc

All companies in Cyprus that interact with Banks and the Cyprus Financial Services sector are required to adhere to European Directives subsequently enacted domestically through Cyprus law.

Companies are required to conduct ‘Due Diligence’ checks on their clients for purposes of ensuring that their clients are not involved in Anti-Money Laundering processes and/or Terrorist Financing.

For these purposes, companies establish and maintain ‘compliance processes’ whereby they collect and review documentation, for purposes of carrying out risk assessments to determine whether, or the likelihood that, their clients are involved in such conduct.

Due to the complexity of the Legal and Regulatory Framework governing AML and CTF, and the fact that this framework is under constant review and modification, companies often struggle with maintaining effective processes to ensure continuing compliance with the regulations, and also face time-management and cost-effectiveness issues.

Briefly, entities are required to collect identification documents and documents relating to their clients’ source of funds, known as KYC documents, for purposes of carrying out risk assessments to determine their clients’ level of risk with respect to AML and TF, and categorize them depending on their findings.

Companies are also required to have an AML Handbook/Manual setting out the procedures they have established, and also prepare reports on their clients whereby they set out their findings and determine their level of risk.

For purposes of ensuring compliance with the regulatory regime, our Firm can assist you in the following manner:

  • Draft the company’s compulsory internal AML handbook.
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting for Financial Technology (FinTech)
  • Establish and continuously review the company’s internal DD processes and mechanisms for compliance purposes
  • Assess, visualize and improve the effectiveness of your compliance programReview and analyse the clients’ risk assessment and their categorisation.
  • Provide Legal advice regarding the legal framework on Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing Directives and your company’s obligations thereunder
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