Trusts constitute an incredible legal vehicle for the protection of your assets and wealth. At flywitcorp, we assist you with choosing and structuring your Trust in a manner that best protects your interests.

Trusts, a legal vehicle, made their introduction into English law during Medieval times and have since become integrated into the Cyprus legal system. A Trust Deeds is essentially a legal device whereby a person holds assets on behalf, and for, the benefit of another person, the beneficiary.

Generally, people use trusts in two basic circumstances. The first is for Estate Planning reasons and the second is for Tax Planning Reasons. Further, reliance is employed where a person is unable, due to physical or mental health reasons, to handle their assets, in order to protect assets, and for confidentiality reasons.

We have extensive expertise in Trusts, managing both Cyprus and International Trusts. Discover our rich history and experience at

Our services on Trust law and related legal matters include the following:

  • Management of reliance
  • Provision of Trustee and Fiduciary Services
  • Drafting reliance Deeds and Setting up the trusts
  • Advice on the appropriate type of Trust based on case-by-case circumstances
  • Advice to Trustees and beneficiaries regarding their rights and obligations under the Trust
  • Trust Litigation (Removal and Appointment of Trustees, Breach of Trust, Validity of Trust, etc.)
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