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At lplawyersfirm.com, we specialize in providing comprehensive construction development services to our clients. Our experienced legal team handles all aspects of construction projects, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. We protect your interests and navigate legal complexities. Trust lplawyersfirm.com for reliable and efficient legal counsel in construction projects. Because Nowadays construction development services play an important role in any business to flourish.

Construction development services play a crucial role in the success of construction projects. These services encompass a range of activities, from initial planning and design to project management and compliance with legal requirements. The importance of construction development services lies in their ability to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring that projects are executed smoothly, on time, and within budget. These services help mitigate risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect the interests of all stakeholders involved, including developers, contractors, and property owners. By leveraging the expertise of professionals in construction development, businesses can navigate the complex landscape of construction projects with confidence, maximizing their chances of achieving their goals efficiently and effectively.

Real Estate is one of the largest industries in Cyprus. Clients seek us out because we deliver the full range of services necessary to conceive, implement and complete significant projects. Papasavvas & Liskavidou LLC has developed a network of the best architects, engineers, and designers across the island.

We handle residential and commercial projects, collaborating with public and private stakeholders. Our expertise covers local planning systems, including complex applications, acquisition, environmental impact assessment, and enforcement.

To receive our portfolio projects and to implement of your complete design solutions please don’t hesitate to contact and share your thoughts about your future plans with our expert construction team info@eliteworldgroup.com


Trusts constitute an incredible legal vehicle for the protection of your assets and wealth. At flywitcorp, we assist you with choosing and structuring your Trust in a manner that best protects your interests.

Trusts, a legal vehicle, made their introduction into English law during Medieval times and have since become integrated into the Cyprus legal system. A Trust Deeds is essentially a legal device whereby a person holds assets on behalf, and for, the benefit of another person, the beneficiary.

Generally, people use trusts in two basic circumstances. The first is for Estate Planning reasons and the second is for Tax Planning Reasons. Further, reliance is employed where a person is unable, due to physical or mental health reasons, to handle their assets, in order to protect assets, and for confidentiality reasons.

We have extensive expertise in Trusts, managing both Cyprus and International Trusts. Discover our rich history and experience at lplawyersfirm.com.

Our services on Trust law and related legal matters include the following:

  • Management of reliance
  • Provision of Trustee and Fiduciary Services
  • Drafting reliance Deeds and Setting up the trusts
  • Advice on the appropriate type of Trust based on case-by-case circumstances
  • Advice to Trustees and beneficiaries regarding their rights and obligations under the Trust
  • Trust Litigation (Removal and Appointment of Trustees, Breach of Trust, Validity of Trust, etc.)

At LP Lawyers Firm, we specialize in providing top-notch tax planning services to help individuals and businesses minimize their tax liabilities and maximize their financial advantages. Our team of experienced tax attorneys and consultants has in-depth knowledge of the complex tax laws and regulations, enabling us to create customized strategies that optimize your tax position. Whether you need assistance with personal tax planning, corporate tax planning, or international tax matters, we are here to provide you with expert guidance and innovative solutions. Trust us to navigate the intricate realm of taxes and ensure you make the most of your financial resources.

Taxation is vital to the legality, smooth running, and viability of companies. Whether a conglomerate, or merely a company that has just set up business, choosing the most appropriate tax structure is vital for your business.

Cyprus Tax Planning

The Cypriot tax regime is one of the most friendly and advantageous tax schemes in Europe; corporate tax is currently at 12,5%, capital tax is at 0%, non-domiciled individuals are taxed at 0%, and Cyprus is a party to multiple Double-Tax treaties.

The Cyprus Tax regime thus renders Cyprus one of the most attractive destinations for carrying out business.

Our expert lawyers specialize in tax matters, offering comprehensive guidance for planning purposes. With deep knowledge of the Cypriot tax regime, we strive to maximize our clients’ tax benefits aligned with their business goals.

We understand our clients’ diverse needs and provide top-quality Tax Planning advice by partnering with experienced professionals who excel in various areas beyond the legal domain.

Our Tax Planning advisory services include a range of matters:

  • Accounting Services
  • Representation in Tax disputes
  • Incorporation of Legal Entities
  • Establishment of subsidiaries and branches
  • Advice on appropriate corporate structure and potential adjustments
  • Advice on impending tax changes and measures that need to be taken accordingly
  • Advice on the appropriate vehicle and tax scheme for your business and business needs
  • Obtainment of Tax domicile status and obtainment of relevant exemptions and deductions

International Tax Planning

Taxation and the legal and regulatory regime governing taxes is complex, it is continuously under review, and subject to change. Tax matters are crucial for international business ventures, including projects like Mergers and Acquisitions, Company Group Structuring, and International operations.

Our team of expert Taxation lawyers is here to advise you appropriately in order to achieve the minimization of your businesses’ tax burden, maximization of your profits, and adherence to international tax regulations.

Our tax experts can help you with International Tax Planning in the following ways:

International Tax Planning Advice

We can assist you with identifying efficient tax-structuring routes in order for you to reach your business objectives, maximize your profits and manage and reduce your tax liabilities.
Beyond business structures, we can also advise you on single projects or transactions, and the taxation elements contained therein.

Value Added Tax (VAT) and other Accounting advice

Our Firm can also provide you with VAT advice, and other accounting advice in relation to your international business ventures.

Corporate Structuring and Restructuring

Tax Planning in cross-border structures, mergers and acquisitions etc., is a vital aspect of effective business planning. Our team possesses the know-how and is apt to provide expert practical advice on corporate tax.

Advice on interpreting and implementing Double Tax Treaties

We will explain and advise you on the implementation of international obligations under Double Tax Treaties, your liabilities thereunder, and measures for tax minimization.

Tax Disputes

Our experienced team of lawyers has a long record of successfully representing clients in International Tax disputes, and is here to help you solve any dispute you may be involved in.


Real Estate is one of the largest industries in Cyprus.

With our deep understanding of the field, we offer comprehensive advice for conveyancing transactions and litigation services.

Our Real Estate Service is divided into two main components, namely Conveyancing Transactions and Litigation.

Conveyancing Transactions

Our team of experts in the Conveyancing Department deal with a wide range of conveyancing matters, including but not limited to the following:

  • Leaseholds
  • Construction agreements
  • Sales and purchases of land
  • Blocked titled deed applications
  • Sales and purchases by assignment
  • Sale and purchase involving loans
  • Straightforward sales and purchases

For any conveyancing matter, hiring an experienced lawyer is crucial to protect your rights, ensure a smooth transaction, and avoid future surprises.

Our Conveyancing Lawyers handle all aspects of your transactions from start to finish and perform the following tasks:

  • Transfer of title deeds
  • Representation in Commercial Disputes
  • Liaising with utility authorities for connection purposes
    Drafting and reviewing relevant agreements like Sale Agreements, Leaseholds, and other agreements
  • Liaising with Tax Department, Capital Gains Tax department for purposes of minimizing potential tax liabilities
  • Conduct research at relevant authorities like the Land Registry, Town Planning Department etc., for potential encumbrances, charges, legal limitations, and any other potential hindrances
  • Assist with payment of relevant funds between parties through the opening of client account at Banks, or obtaining Power of Attorney for the handling of your private account for the duration of the transaction
  • Submission of relevant applications and supporting documents to various authorities like the Land Registry for purposes of Blocked Title Deed application or in case of Construction filing plans with the Town Planning Department

At LP Lawyers Firm, we understand that disputes and litigation can be complex and challenging. Count on our experienced litigators to provide effective solutions, guide you through disputes, and achieve favorable outcomes. We handle commercial, contractual, and various legal conflicts with expertise in negotiation, alternative resolution, and courtroom representation. Trust us for protecting your interests and achieving the best results. Trust LP Lawyers Firm for skilled litigation and dispute resolution services tailored to your unique needs.

Our Firm’s philosophy centers upon the ultimate goal of achieving the best possible outcome for our clients, in the most time-effective and cost-effective manner.

Our priority is to achieve a successful and beneficial outcome for our clients, in the shortest time-period possible and inexpensively as possible.

We approach each of our clients’ cases on a unique basis and advise as to the best approach to be taken based on the specific circumstances surrounding each case.

Considering this, we move beyond traditional litigation and court proceedings, employing alternative dispute resolution methods for resolving client disputes.

Resolution, to reach the best outcome for our clients.

Our team of lawyers can assist you with any disputes using the following techniques:


Litigation proceedings comprise the traditional means of resolving any dispute, before a ‘Court of the Law’ whereby parties plead their cases, and a Judge makes the final decision based on the pleadings and relevant evidence.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

This involves the employment of procedures like Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, and Negotiation. In Arbitration proceedings, it is an independent arbitrator who decides as to the outcome of a dispute. In Mediation and Negotiation, parties mutually agree on the outcome of their dispute.

We can undertake dispute resolution in a variety of areas including:

  • Logistics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Civil and Commercial Claims
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Personal Injury and Negligence
  • Employment and Workplace disputes

The Financial Services sector is one that is subject to an immense volume of complex legal and policy regulation

From banks and other financial institutions, to insurers and asset managers, the financial sector is under strict regulatory policies.

This makes specialized knowledge of the regime governing this sector indispensable to successfully and seamlessly navigating the industry.

We have great experience in Financial Regulation, representing and assisting a range of clients, like insurance companies, investment firms, fund managers, and Fintech businesses.

Hence, our team of lawyers possess the expert knowledge and experience to assist you with all aspects pertaining to Financial Services and Regulation.

Our Financial Services and Regulation team assists in compliance and specific projects.


Our lawyers can assist you with ensuring compliance with the relevant law and regulations governing banks and with respect to Investment:

  • Advice on implementation of Banking Law, Financial Leasing law and other legal instruments
  • Compliance with the directives and guidelines of the Central Bank of Cyprus and other regulatory instruments
  • Implementation and compliance with EU Banking directives
  • Assistance or undertaking of reporting obligations


Investment and Capital Markets

  • Assistance with contingency planning arrangements
  • Establishing of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) Establishing of Cyprus Investments Funds (CIF) Forex Companies.

Business Structuring


At LP Lawyers Firm, we understand the importance of proper business structuring for long-term success. Our team of skilled attorneys specializes in assisting businesses of all sizes and industries with effective structuring strategies. We work closely with clients to analyze their specific needs and goals, providing tailored solutions that optimize operations, minimize risk, and enhance growth opportunities. Whether you are starting a new venture, restructuring an existing business, or seeking guidance on corporate governance, our expertise in business structuring ensures you make informed decisions and lay a solid foundation for your business’s success. Trust LP Lawyers Firm for comprehensive and strategic business structuring services.

We offer specialist advice to our clients on business structuring, meaning the implementation of structures within the company to create an environment which is effective, and which complies with all commercial and tax liabilities.

Our expert team of lawyers can assist you in the following manner:

  • Assist with corporate structuring and restructuring.
  • Establishment of corporate governance structures.
  • Drafting company leases and other commercial agreements.
  • Establishment of due diligence processes and compliance mechanisms.
  • Provision of accounting, auditing, payroll, and other services, or establishment of an in-house department for these purposes.
  • Advice and assistance with the establishment of branches and headquarters, and allocating personnel appropriately for tax optimization purposes.
  • Assistance with registration at all relevant departments, authorities, and utilities, and the preparation and filing of relevant applications and documents.

Audit & Advisory Services


At LP Lawyers Firm, we offer comprehensive audit and advisory services to help businesses maintain compliance, strengthen internal controls, and make informed financial decisions.  Whether you need assistance with financial statement audits, risk assessment, or advisory services for business growth, we are committed to delivering valuable insights and practical recommendations. Trust LP Lawyers Firm for meticulous audit and expert advisory services tailored to your specific needs.

Auditing is vital for businesses since firstly it ensures a business’ credibility, and secondly in case of companies such as listed companies, it is necessary for securing investors’ trust and confidence in the business.

Auditing is crucial for businesses to identify financial deficiencies and establish controls. It is a legal requirement to have finances audited by external auditors.

Our firm cooperates with several firms who are able to audit your accounts, and also ensure that your company complies with legal auditing obligations.

Our associates can assist you in the following manner:

  • Conduct quarterly reviews of your business’ finances
  • Conduct investigations pertaining to suspected theft and/or fraud
  • Provide you with accounting services (VAT and other payable taxes)
  • Audit your company’s accounts, and file Audited Financial Statements with the relevant authorities
  • Identify financial deficiencies, and establish processes for the reduction of costs, and for profit maximization

Intellectual Property (IP) and Trademarks

At LP Lawyers Firm, we understand the importance of protecting intellectual property (IP) and trademarks. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys specializes in IP law, helping clients safeguard their innovative ideas, inventions, and brands. We protect your intellectual property. From trademark searches and applications to handling infringement cases, trust LP Lawyers Firm for expert guidance and representation. Safeguard your valuable assets with our specialized IP and trademark services.

IP Rights Services 

In the globalized and technological world, we live in today, protecting your Intellectual Property rights is crucial.

According to Article 2 (viii) of the Global Intellectual Property Convention 1968, “Intellectual Property” includes literary, artistic and scientific works (copyright); performances of performing artists, phonograms and broadcasts (copyright); inventions in all fields of human endeavor (patents); Scientific discoveries (patents); Industrial Designs (Industrial Designs); Trademarks, service marks and commercial names and designations (Trademarks); Protection against unfair competition; and all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields.

One of the most important aspects of IP in commerce is the ‘Trademark’.
Trademarks, including names, graphics, and designations, are crucial intellectual property in commerce.

From a business standpoint, registering a trademark is an extremely important branding step to take, as trademarks are distinctly linked to companies.

Registering a trademark results in having exclusive rights of use of the relevant trademark.
In practical terms, this means that by registering your trademark, as the owner of it, you hold all rights to the trademark and can bring legal action against anyone that has unlawfully used it

We provide you with comprehensive services covering all types of IP, like copyrights, licensing technology, patents and trademarks.
Our lawyers offer professional advice that meets the specific needs of your company and which relate to the commercial sector within which you operate. Our teams can also handle your application for registering a trademark from start to end.

The firm can assist you with the following:

  • Infringement services
  • Litigation relating to IP rights
  • Registering IP and trademarks locally and in Europe
  • Consulting and advising in relation to licensing, franchising etc.
  • Registering and protecting your IP, including trademarks, commercial names etc.

Cyprus Immigration Law

The Cyprus Immigration Regime is wide and diverse, meaning that a number of people can immigrate to Cyprus. Want to know about Cyprus immigration law then you have came to right place. We are here to Guide you to any query related to it.

The Cypriot Government, subject to the fulfillment of the relevant governmental and regulatory requirements, grants various forms of immigration permits to both European and Third-Country Nationals like permanent or temporary residency permits, employment permits, work, and, study visas and others.

Cyprus also has a comprehensive Citizenship scheme, granting Citizenship through various routes like on the basis of years of residency, marriage with a Cypriot national etc.

Whether you intend to immigrate to Cyprus for work or study purposes, are looking for permanent or temporary residency, or any other kind of permit, the expert members of our Immigration Department possess the knowledge and skills to successfully handle your case.

Whatever your specific situation, we will assist you with the fulfilment of the requirements, gathering the relevant paperwork, filing and tracking the progress of your application.

Our areas of work include the following:

Citizenship Applications

People can apply for residency in Cyprus on a number of bases, like for example on the basis of Naturalization based on the number of years living in Cyprus, Acquisition of Citizenship as the spouse of a Cypriot national, acquisition of citizenship as parent or child of a Cypriot national.

Permanent Residency Permit for Non-EU Nationals

Non-EU Nationals can apply for a Permanent Residency Permit in two manners. The first is a faster, but more expensive route and the second is a slower but more inexpensive manner. The common basic requirement for both is the purchase of a permanent residence in Cyprus.

Temporary Residency Permit for Non-European Citizens

Non-EU nationals unwilling to purchase property or reside permanently in Cyprus may apply for a temporary residency permit. Once issues, this is valid for a year with the option of renewal upon expiry. Unlike in the case of permanent residency applications, the applicant’s physical presence is required upon submission.

Work Permit for Non-EU nationals

Work permits can be obtained through 3 different Ministries, namely the Ministry of Interior, Labor, and the Civil Registry Department. Non-EU citizens can work either as self-employed or as employees at a Cyprus Company of Foreign Interest or other.

Domestic Workers

Domestic workers may apply under the various occupational categories designated by the relevant legislation, and obtain a residency permit.

British Nationals

Upon completion of the Brexit process, British nationals will lose the right to freely reside and work in Cyprus and must now apply for a residency permit.

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