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Cyprus Immigration Law

The Cyprus Immigration Regime is wide and diverse, meaning that a number of people can immigrate to Cyprus. Want to know about Cyprus immigration law then you have came to right place. We are here to Guide you to any query related to it.

The Cypriot Government, subject to the fulfillment of the relevant governmental and regulatory requirements, grants various forms of immigration permits to both European and Third-Country Nationals like permanent or temporary residency permits, employment permits, work, and, study visas and others.

Cyprus also has a comprehensive Citizenship scheme, granting Citizenship through various routes like on the basis of years of residency, marriage with a Cypriot national etc.

Whether you intend to immigrate to Cyprus for work or study purposes, are looking for permanent or temporary residency, or any other kind of permit, the expert members of our Immigration Department possess the knowledge and skills to successfully handle your case.

Whatever your specific situation, we will assist you with the fulfilment of the requirements, gathering the relevant paperwork, filing and tracking the progress of your application.

Our areas of work include the following:

Citizenship Applications

People can apply for residency in Cyprus on a number of bases, like for example on the basis of Naturalization based on the number of years living in Cyprus, Acquisition of Citizenship as the spouse of a Cypriot national, acquisition of citizenship as parent or child of a Cypriot national.

Permanent Residency Permit for Non-EU Nationals

Non-EU Nationals can apply for a Permanent Residency Permit in two manners. The first is a faster, but more expensive route and the second is a slower but more inexpensive manner. The common basic requirement for both is the purchase of a permanent residence in Cyprus.

Temporary Residency Permit for Non-European Citizens

Non-EU nationals unwilling to purchase property or reside permanently in Cyprus may apply for a temporary residency permit. Once issues, this is valid for a year with the option of renewal upon expiry. Unlike in the case of permanent residency applications, the applicant’s physical presence is required upon submission.

Work Permit for Non-EU nationals

Work permits can be obtained through 3 different Ministries, namely the Ministry of Interior, Labor, and the Civil Registry Department. Non-EU citizens can work either as self-employed or as employees at a Cyprus Company of Foreign Interest or other.

Domestic Workers

Domestic workers may apply under the various occupational categories designated by the relevant legislation, and obtain a residency permit.

British Nationals

Upon completion of the Brexit process, British nationals will lose the right to freely reside and work in Cyprus and must now apply for a residency permit.
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