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Taxation constitutes one of the core principles and undertakings of companies and is vital both to the legality of businesses, their smooth running, and the viability of a company.

Whether a conglomerate, or merely a company that has just set up business, choosing the most appropriate tax structure is vital for your business.

Cyprus Tax Planning

The Cypriot tax regime is one of the most friendly and advantageous tax schemes in Europe; corporate tax is currently at 12,5%, capital tax is at 0%, non-domiciled individuals are taxed at 0%, and Cyprus is a party to multiple Double-Tax treaties.

The Cyprus Tax regime thus renders Cyprus one of the most attractive destinations for carrying out business.

Our team of lawyers is experienced in taxation matters and is prepared to provide you with comprehensive guidance for Taxation Planning purposes. This is not to say that the regime is without intricacies, and our firm’s deep understanding of the Cypriot tax regime seeks to ensure the maximization of our clients’ tax benefits in accordance with their business goals.

We acknowledge that our clients require advice in a wide range of matters, and in order to provide the highest level of quality service to our clients looking for Tax Planning advice, we have established a high-calliber network with other professionals who possess the expert knowledge and experience to assist our clients with matters beyond legal matters or issues of legality.

Our Tax Planning advisory services include a range of matters:

  • Accounting Services
  • Representation in Tax disputes
  • Incorporation of Legal Entities
  • Establishment of subsidiaries and branches
  • Advice on appropriate corporate structure and potential adjustments
  • Advice on impending tax changes and measures that need to be taken accordingly
  • Advice on the appropriate vehicle and tax scheme for your business and business needs
  • Obtainment of Tax domicile status and obtainment of relevant exemptions and deductions

International Tax Planning

Taxation and the legal and regulatory regime governing taxes is complex, it is continuously under review, and subject to change. Tax issues arise in a number of projects and transactions like Mergers and Acquisitions, Company Group Structuring, International operations etc., thus making professional taxation advice of vital importance to any international business venture.

Our team of expert Taxation lawyers is here to advise you appropriately in order to achieve the minimization of your businesses’ tax burden, maximization of your profits, and adherence to international tax regulations.

Our tax experts can help you with International Tax Planning in the following ways:

International Tax Planning Advice

We can assist you with identifying efficient tax-structuring routes in order for you to reach your business objectives, maximise your profits an manage and reduce your tax liabilities.
Beyond business structures, we can also advise you on single projects or transactions, and the taxation elements contained therein.

Value Added Tax (VAT) and other Accounting advice

Our Firm can also provide you with VAT advice, and other accounting advice in relation to your international business ventures.

Corporate Structuring and Restructuring

Tax Planning in cross-border structures, mergers and acquisitions etc., is a vital aspect of effective business planning. Our team possesses the know-how and is apt to provide expert practical advice on corporate tax.

Advice on interpreting and implementing Double Tax Treaties

We will explain and advise you on the implementation of international obligations under Double Tax Treaties, your liabilities thereunder, and measures for tax minimization.

Tax Disputes

Our experienced team of lawyers has a long record of successfully representing clients in International Tax disputes, and is here to help you solve any dispute you may be involved in.0
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