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At LP Lawyers Firm, we specialize in employment law, providing comprehensive legal services to both employers and employees. Our experienced team of employment attorneys assists clients in navigating the complexities of workplace regulations, contracts, and disputes. Trust LP Lawyers Firm for expert guidance on employment contracts, discrimination claims, and labor law compliance, ensuring your rights and fair treatment. Trust LP Lawyers Firm for expert advice and representation in all matters related to employment law.

Employment raises a number of potentially complex and intricate issues, making employment issues both time-consuming and also expensive to resolve.

Employment disputes can occur as a result of various situations, ranging from breach of a contract of employment on the part of either the employer or employee, unfair and wrongful dismissal, harassment at the workplace, discrimination etc.

Furthermore, employers must ensure that they adhere to public policy regulations like maternity leave and diversity, meaning that your business structure must take into account such policy considerations and adhere to them.
Our legal team can assist you with all aspects of employment law, like the following:


Employment Contracts

Our team of experts can advise you with respect to contracts of employment; our lawyers can either draft or review employment contracts and advise you in relation to your rights and obligations.

Whether an employer or employee, we ensure that your contract of employment satisfies all legal and regulatory requirements in the relevant field, minimizes your exposure to risk, and upholds your rights.


Handling Disputes through Litigation

Employment disputes often result in court proceedings, meaning that an experienced barrister is required for representation purposes.

Our lawyers have a long history of successful Court cases covering a range of Employment Law issues, and possess the expert knowledge to successfully handle any Court case you may be facing.


Handling Disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Because of the complexities involved in Employment Law and the notoriously prolonged periods of time litigation takes in Cyprus, parties to an Employment Law dispute often seek to settle the dispute in a swift manner.

Our lawyers will advise you with respect to proceeding on an ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ basis, in order to resolve matters as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We will represent you during the relevant negotiations and seek an outcome that satisfies both parties.
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