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Banking and finance transactions are an integral and unavoidable aspect of modern life, for both individuals, as well as businesses. A company’s banking and finance obligations are complex, time-consuming, and potentially ‘dangerous’, meaning that obtaining the best legal knowledge and support for your company’s specific needs is of utmost importance.

Our firm has a specialized Banking and Finance Department to assist you with almost all aspects of your banking needs, in order to make the running of your business as swift and seamless as possible. Our expert lawyers are also fully apt to assist you with your financial dealings, whether these regard debt, loan, investments, and other financial matters that businesses may be involved in.



Our Firm has a long record of dealings with banks and financial institutions both in Cyprus, as well as internationally.

Our list of contacts and interfaces includes financial institutions in both Cyprus and abroad. Some of our closest associates are in countries like Switzerland, Singapore, Andorra, SA, and Hong Kong. Evidently, we can assist you with Banking operations both locally as well as abroad.

Our banking team can assist you in the following ways:

  • Handling bank correspondence
  • Liaison with bank officers when required
  • Account maintenance, and on-going account monitoring
  • Assisted banking (i.e. paying invoices and facilitating payments on your behalf)
  • Opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, cheque books, and establishing e-banking
  • Crypto friendly banking solutions and bank account opening for cryptocurrencies activities
  • Assisting compliance with the legal due diligence process, and the preparation of the economic profile of the beneficiaries and/or the corporate officers for the activation of the bank account

We can help you with the payment of invoices on your behalf and offer other payment facilitation services including:

  • Liaison and other communication with banks when required
  • Account maintenance and continuous monitoring of accounts

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Companies, whether Small-Medium enterprises or conglomerates are involved in countless financing projects, making the need for specialized, in-depth advice on managing and dealing with business finance integral for the viability and legality of your business and transactions.

Our Finance team can assist you with the following:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Restructuring of loans
  • Indemnities and guarantees
  • Due diligence and compliance
  • Draft and Review of loan documents
  • Security documents like debentures, the imposition of charges over assets, floating charges and other securities
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