Cyprus Companies

Incorporating a Cyprus Company

The incorporation of a Cyprus Company is a quick and easy procedure. Upon completion, it ensures that the company’s name, structure and memorandum all fir perfectly with the client’s requirements. Additional, considerations include the choice of share capital, subscription of shares, the appointment of directors, secretary and registered office address, as well as the creation of the company seal, share certificates and corporate register.

Companies in other Jurisdictions

Our firm also provides the option for our clients to incorporate companies in other jurisdictions such as in the British Virgin Island (BVI), Seychelles, Mauritius, Belize etc. We provide a full range of nominees and corporate services for these jurisdictions.

Nominee Services

Our Firm offers nominee services to provide a legal way of ensuring confidentiality to protect people who would rather not disclose their interests or association with a company and to establish a full substance and management operation in the country as per the requirements of the law.

In this way, we ensure the beneficial owners are safeguarded by using trustworthy, dependable nominees and ensuring the correct documentation is in place at all times.

Administrative Services

Our team works closely with our clients to ensure the day-to-day administrative, management and statutory requirements of their company are met, allowing them to be carefree, and their company in good legal standing.

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